Sarah Beth Durst

Into the Wild

ISBN: 9781595141859

Into the Wild

a middle grade novel
by Sarah Beth Durst
available now from
Penguin Young Readers / Razorbill

"Let me put it this way: when your mom cooks, she doesn't have to close the doors to make sure the Gingerbread Men don't run outside."

Junior high is tough enough, even when your family is ordinary. And Julie Marchen's family is anything but ordinary: her brother is a talking cat, her grandmother is a bona fide witch, and her mother is Rapunzel. Yep, that Rapunzel -- long hair, tower, prince... Long ago, Rapunzel escaped the fairy tale with her fellow storybook characters to live in secret in our world. But Julie's world, our world, is about to change -- the fairy tale wants its characters back.

Now Julie must fight wicked witches, avoid glass slippers, fly griffins, and outwit magicians in order to rescue her mom and save her town from becoming a fairy tale kingdom.

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2007 Andre Norton Nebula Award Finalist
2007 Cybils Fantasy/SF Award Finalist
    2009-10 Missouri Truman Readers Award Nominee
2009-10 Florida Sunshine State Young Readers Award Nominee

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"Into the Wild is VERY cool, with a unique look at the great fairytale characters. I couldn't put it down until I knew how this brave, extraordinary girl could face such powerful magic!" -- Tamora Pierce, New York Times bestselling author of Terrier (Beka Cooper) and The Will of the Empress

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"Sarah Beth Durst's Into the Wild is fabulous in the oldest, truest, and best sense of the word, harking back to fables, wonder, and magic unleashed. It's bold, sassy, and utterly engaging. I can't wait to see what she does next!" -- Bruce Coville, author of The Unicorn Chronicles and Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

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"Into the Wild's fairy-tale characters are fascinating, and Julie is everything one could want in a heroine -- she's intelligent, practical, determined and brave; at once more ordinary and more extraordinary than she herself thinks she is. I'll be keeping an eye out for more work from Sarah Beth Durst." -- Patricia C. Wrede, author of The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

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