Sarah Beth Durst

The Lies Among Us

ISBN: 978-1662514722

The Lies Among Us

book club fiction with a speculative edge
by Sarah Beth Durst
available now from Lake Union Publishing

From the award-winning author of The Bone Maker and The Lake House comes a haunting novel about sisterhood and grief, where difficult truths must contend with the corrosive power of unchecked lies.

After her mother dies, Hannah doesn't know how to exist without her. Literally. In fact, Hannah's not even certain that she does exist. No one seems to see or hear her, and she finds herself utterly alone. Grief-stricken and confused, her sense of self slowly slipping away, Hannah sets out to find new purpose in life -- and answers about who (and what) she really is.

Hannah's only remaining family is her older sister, Leah. Yet even Leah doesn't seem to notice her. And while Hannah can see and hear her sister, she also sees beautiful and terrible things that don't -- or shouldn't -- exist. She learns there's much more to this world than meets the eye and struggles to make sense of it all.

When Hannah sees Leah taking the same dangerous path that consumed their own mother -- where lies supplant reality -- she's desperate to get through to her. But facing difficult truths is harder than it looks...

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"The Lies Among Us is a wonderfully inventive novel, beautifully written, with a cast of characters that is fantastic in every sense of the word. The premise is intriguing, and the story is compelling. It all adds up to a marvelous read!" -- Louisa Morgan, author of A Secret History of Witches

"This book is full of lies (and that's exactly why you should read it). The Lies Among Us is an engrossing and wildly inventive story that takes a magic wand to the lies we tell ourselves and each other, and imagines a world in which the line between truth and fiction is a curtain that could be pulled back at any moment." -- Ruth Emmie Lang, author of Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstances

"Elements of fantasy and magical realism provide an intriguing framework for exploring the ideas of complicated grief and whether not telling the truth can leave real remnants that affect the world around us." -- Booklist

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Also available as an audiobook:

The Lies Among Us

The Lies Among Us
Audio Edition

from Brilliance Audio
written by Sarah Beth Durst
narrated by Soneela Nankani
available as an Audible edition or Audio CD

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