Sarah Beth Durst

The Shelterlings

ISBN: 978-0358350392

The Shelterlings

a middle grade novel
by Sarah Beth Durst
coming June 2022 from HarperCollins / Clarion Books

Holly the gray squirrel dreams of being a wizard's familiar and performing mighty magic. But squirrels aren't exactly known for being noble companions, and Holly's only magic trick is conjuring pastries. A tasty talent, but useless. Which is why she lives at the Shelter for Rejected Familiars with other oddball magical animals, including Gus (a barn owl who can turn to stone), Zephyr (a super-fast turtle with super-slow reactions), and Clover (a cow who constantly predicts the future but is always wrong).

When an old friend presents a plan for curing the shelterlings' so-called defective magic, it seems like a dream come true -- but first they must find the rare ingredients of a powerful spell. How can a group of misfits complete such an impossible quest? And more importantly, should they? Maybe being different isn't a mistake. Maybe it's exactly what's needed to save the day!

With humor, insight, and an endearing cast of characters readers will cheer for, Sarah Beth Durst presents an unforgettable adventure about defying labels and defining yourself.

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A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection

"An amusing, fast-paced fantasy with an impressive rodent hero." -- Kirkus

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