Sarah Beth Durst

Spy Ring

ISBN: 978-0063323452

Spy Ring

a middle grade novel
by Sarah Beth Durst
coming May 2024 from HarperCollins / Clarion Books

Two modern-day kids discover the truth about an American Revolutionary War-era female spy through a treasure-hunt adventure in their hometown of Setauket, New York.

With codewords and secret signals perfected, best friends Rachel and Joon are ready to spend their summer practicing spycraft -- especially if they can uncover secrets like the one Joon's parents have been keeping, that his family is about to move out of town.

When eavesdropping leads them to a ring rumored to have belonged to Anna "Nancy" Smith Strong -- according to local Long Island legend, the only female member of George Washington's famed Culper Spy Ring -- they think they've hit the jackpot. Then they discover Nancy left a coded message in the ring!

Decoding her message leads to another cryptic clue, and then another, and soon Rachel and Joon are racing to decipher a series of puzzles that must surely lead to hidden treasure! But can they solve the final mystery before Joon's moving day? And just what did the centuries-old spy hide away -- and why?

Sarah Beth Durst's skillful blend of Revolutionary War history and suspenseful contemporary storytelling will keep readers guessing to the last satisfying page.

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Also coming soon as an audiobook.

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