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Arranging a Virtual Appearance

I love talking with students and readers about writing! I offer virtual author visits for book clubs, schools, home-school groups, libraries, and bookstores. If you're interested in arranging for a virtual visit, please contact me at

Cost: $200 for 40-60 minutes
Available dates: Flexible
Platforms: Your choice (Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, etc.)

In these visits, I discuss becoming a writer and my writing process, with an emphasis on how to write imaginative fiction and the joys of revision. Every session includes plenty of time for direct Q&A with the students/readers.

For grades 3-5, my talk focuses on my middle-grade books (such as The Shelterlings, Spark, and The Girl Who Could Not Dream). For grades 6-8, I discuss a mix of my MG and YA titles. For grades 9-12, I center my presentation on my teen and YA-crossover novels (such as The Lake House, Fire and Heist, and Race the Sands).

Upon request, I'm happy to send personalized, signed book plates to all attendees. Books can be purchased via any bookstore or online book retailer.

I look forward to hearing from you and (hopefully) e-meeting you!

Praise for Sarah's Author Visits

"Sarah Beth Durst did a wonderful job with the kids, never losing the positive message about her book, and about kids' potential. Besides writing, she has a real talent for connecting with kids!" -- Patricia Montimurro, Principal, Robert E. Melican Middle School, Northborough, MA

"Our guest speaker, Sarah Beth Durst, was delightful -- not only did she manage to capture the imagination of the audience, but she also threw in practical tips for aspiring writers... Her delightful presentation had many in the audience shaking their heads in agreement and at other times flat out laughing." -- Science Fiction Society of Northern New Jersey

"The children fell in love with Ms. Durst from the moment she spoke to them, and they were hooked until it was time for her to go. She addressed them in a very gentle but 'in control' matter and her love for reading and writing shined through." -- Caroyln Berfas, 5th Grade Teacher, Village School, Syosset, NY

"Sarah Beth Durst captivated students and teachers alike with her presentation. In a thoroughly engaging and interactive way, she spoke about the writing process, from the bubble of an initial idea to the exhilaration of seeing her book in print. Students were in awe of Sarah's description of the revision process (Sarah's favorite part), hardly believing that from first draft to final manuscript involved thirty versions!! Sarah's school visits were a resounding success; she is both charming and professional -- a dream to work with, like a fairy tale come true." -- Nancy Riemer Kellner, Library Teacher, Peaslee Elementary School, Northborough, MA

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